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How to Extract Attachments from Thunderbird?

Summary: This guide answers the question of how to extract attachments from Thunderbird. If you are a Thunderbird user and have lots of attachments in your mailbox, then this blog will help you save Thunderbird attachments without any hassle.

Mozilla Thunderbird is a widely used free email application. It allows users to manage their emails effectively. Attachments are an important part of emails that enhance communication. You can send images, documents, and various other files attached to your emails. Extracting attachments from Thunderbird emails becomes important if you want to send or save these emails separately. Here in this article, we will discuss the easy ways to complete the extraction process.

Let’s get started without any further delay.

How to Extract Attachments from Thunderbird?

1. Install the Attachment Extractor add-ons from the Mozilla add-on library.

install thunderbird attachment

2. Run Thunderbird application on your system. Click on three dots and choose Add-ons option.

select add-ons

3. Click on Gear icon and select Install Add-Ons from File option.

click on gear icon

4. Browse the downloaded file and click on Open button.

select downloaded file

5. Click on Install Now button in the Software installation window.

click on install now

6. After installation, restart the Thunderbird application.

restart thunderbird

7. Now, right-click on the folder from which you want to save attachments and choose Extract All Attachments to… option.

choose extract all attachments

8. Choose destination location to save exported attachment files and click on Select Folder.

choose destination location

Done! That’s how you can manually save Thunderbird attachments.

How to Download Attachments from Thunderbird Automatically?

Download and install XConverterPro on your system. The software can extract all attachments from Thunderbird mailboxes at once. It is programmed with powerful algorithms that can export all Thunderbird attachments in just a few simple clicks. It provides various advanced filter options to save specific attachment as per your needs. The tool supports all versions of Thunderbird application and Windows OS version.

Click on the below button to download it for FREE.

Steps to Extract Attachments from Thunderbird

Step 1. Run XConverterPro Thundrbird Attachment Extractor on your system.

Step 2. Navigate to Open >> Desktop Email Clients >> Thunderbird Accounts >> Choose Configured Thunderbird Accounts.

choose thunderbird profile

Step 3. Here, you can view emails from Thunderbirdcmailbox.

view thunderbird data

Step 4. Click on Extract and choose Attachments.

choose attachments

Step 5. Choose the required mailbox folders from which you want to export attachments.

choose email folders

Step 6. Browse the target location and click on Save button.

click on save

The software will start extracting attachments from Thunderbird profile. It will complete the extraction process in just a few seconds.

Prominent Features of Thunderbird Attachment Extractor

  • Bulk Extraction: The software will help you to download attachments from all Thunderbird emails at once. No need to select one by one, just choose the required mailbox folders and extract them.
  • Selective Extraction: It provides various filter options like To, From, Cc, Specific Date Range, Time, etc. Using these filters, you can save some specific attachments.
  • Maintains Properties: The software preserves all properties and formatting of Thunderbird data during extraction. It ensures no changes are made to the original content throughout the process.
  • Simple User Interface: It is designed with a simple user graphical interface. Both technical or non-technical users can easily perform the attachment extraction process without any technical guidance.


In this post, we have discussed how to extract attachments from Thunderbird. Here, we have mentioned both manual and automated solutions. You can choose any method according to your nWe hope that by exploring these methods you will surely download Thunderbird attachments conveniently.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q 1. How do I save some specific Thunderbird attachments?

Ans- Using filter options, you can export selected attachments.

Q 2. I am using Thunderbird 17.0 version. Can I use this application to export attachments from this Thunderbird profile?

Ans- Yes, it supports all versions of the Thunderbird application. You can save attachments from any Thunderbird version.

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